About Richelle

Illustration | Character Design | Story Art

Richelle is a freelance illustrator and character designer, who also happens to be an attorney by day. In the middle of her legal career in Los Angeles, she took a brief hiatus to join the animation program at Santa Monica College. Life was too short not to pursue "the other fork in the road" that she put off when she went to law school.

Richelle is as passionate about her art as she is about her career as a criminal prosecutor. She wants to tell stories that the world needs to hear - ones that might help make the world a little better than it was when she found it. She was born inGuamand is of Filipino-Chinese heritage.

Richelle also enjoys being a wife to her loving husband and a mother to her stepdaughter, stepson, and two little boys. She loves video games, baking chocolate things, strumming on a guitar, stargazing, and open water swimming.

She is also a dog lover and a deeply devoted cat servant.

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